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Love Your Life Advisors

Who is sitting at your boardroom table?

This weekend at a women’s retreat Jill D and I did in Field BC, Jill spoke about having a board of directors who provide life guidance.  She asked, “Who are your life advisors?  Do you like who is currently sitting at your boardroom table?” Read more

10 Ways to Break Up with Your Phone

Feeling Stressed?

Is your phone a factor?  Quite likely!

Gaming, news, checking texts and emails, social media, calls, banking, shopping…

Phone usage and social media can be a big culprit in increasing stress.

 Read More

3 Ways to Take a Stress Break

Feeling stressed? Many of us are.

Often we want to “fix” all the stressors.  Then, we will feel better. This isn’t usually very realistic, and it makes relaxation conditional.  Instead, we can take care of the stress itself, and big shifts can happen right away! Read More

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